Birds In The Oddest Places

Yes So, There’s A Bird on My Head!  What Do you Wanna’ Make of IT?

Keep Up Dears, You’ll be late for school!

New Neighbors

New Neighbors

Odd Birds for Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge Go Here  for more about this Sunday Funny.

9 thoughts on “Birds In The Oddest Places

  1. How frustrating not to be able to brush the birds away! As for the second, I’ve heard of people saying their neighbors are real turkeys, but in this case, it’s literally true. 🙂



  2. I was just cleaning out one of our canoes and in the bow there is a little cubby that was filled with a bird’s nest. Hate to pull the nests out but they are usually abandoned by this time of year. Don’t have a picture yet.


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