People Among the Art Of The Legion of Honor

Indifferent Lion
Indifferent Lion Over Looking the Pacific
Two Thoughtful Men
Two Thoughtful Men
A Little to close
A Little too close

Yes I was at the museum, Yes I was looking at the art but the photographer in me was people watching.  I really had fun. WATCHING THE WATCHERS. The finer the art the more interesting the people. These are three of my favorite.
Let me know what you think.

File this under Street Photography? Or What any ideas? Voyeurism?
Perhaps a quote from Sally D’s  Smart Device Post might help

“Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual.” Edward Weston


11 thoughts

  1. Great place for photos. I worked there for a couple of weeks in ’95 when the remodel was finishing up. you have the ‘knack’ for people watching, Carol.


  2. People-watching is so much fun, Carol. The first photo is sad to me because there’s so much to see and the girls are on their phones. I see this so often: people walking in the park, talking on the phone rather than looking around or listening to something on their headphones rather than to the sounds of nature; moms walking children in strollers while talking on the phone, people sitting together but on their devices, etc. I want to tell them, “Live life! Look around! Enjoy people and places.”



    1. 6th grade girls are oblivious to everything but each other I took a group to a big museum once. Some got it and some were worried about a quarter they dropped. It was a Chagall exhibit weeks after they talked about “the wedding ” pictures. I hope the best for these girls. Thanks for your sensitivity.


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