Richmond CA Ecology Mural From Kaiser Parking Garage

Right around the corner from the mural  in Sally D’s  posted today.

Playing With Art
Playing With Albany Bulb’s  Outsider Art

There was a nice collection of outsider art, mostly paintings on scrap concert. Sense this was taken on New Years day they have weathered and are grown over. I’m glad I have photos of them.



Let Me know what you think.

10 thoughts

  1. Outsider art is crucial to recognize and document and enjoy. And by the way, as we cruised through Richmond (friend going to Kaiser), I missed seeing the mural that you posted. Such a coincidence that we traveled the same roads. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. The one I posted is on a side street I hadn’t seen it until I was on the roof photographing clouds last spring.
      Talk about coincidences A blogger from Ohio came to the bay area and I invited her to come see me. turned out a family member lives 6 blocks from me! Small World!!! But we Do live right off I-80 that stretches across the country..
      You are also welcome to stop by for a tour any time 🙂


  2. I like the photo of the ecology mural. It fits in well with the idea of the other examples being grown over and covered up. They should be interesting in the winter when the growth is dried up and dormant.


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