A Solstice Fun Foto Shoot

Solstice Adventure  From Opposite The golden Gate

Our intention was to go to the beach to watch the Summer Solstice Sunset accompanied by the Strawberry Full Moon rise. At first we huddled together in the cold with wind-blown foam at our feet. Is it winter we wondered and almost went back to the car.


Cold Sunset



The Sky turned Crimson

Reverse fountain

Reverse Fountain of Color Looking toward the Golden Gate where the set at Winter Solstice

As these colors faded we turning  toward the East Bay Hills we looked for the moon. We couldn’t find it until we went to the well-lit parking lot. I had to use the Egret sculpture to block their light to get just one moon shot!

Moon Shot

Moon Shot

Hope you had a wonderful Solstice too. I am posting this loosely under Fountains for this Weeks Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge because she gave me a Blue Ribbon for my last Fun Foto Challenge: Events.

9 thoughts on “A Solstice Fun Foto Shoot

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  2. Congrats on the blue ribbon and thanks for the moon shots. We watched from the top of our front stairs until the moon cleared the tree tops down the street and slid into the cloud bank. Beautiful honey color at first.


  3. Wonderful photos! We celebrated the solstice with sparklers at the edge of the sea on the opposite coast. We are in Maine this week with great weather and very little internet!


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