Oddball Adventures in Shoe Shopping

I’m getting ready to walk on cobblestone streets in Mexico so I’m looking for the right shoes. What do you think of these?

With Try on Sox

With fabulous try-on sox

Or These?

or these

Maybe not?

How about these with matching backpack?

Everyone has bright shoes

Bright shoes do seem to be in.

In case you’re wondering I got the blue HoKa  shoes. They are so bright you will be able to find me on Google Earth while I’m doing the Hoka-Pokee  😉

Cee’s Oddball Challenge asks anyone who wants to play for photos that don’t fit anywhere else. I think these photos fit just fine here. She has moved the Oddball challenge to Friday but I’m such a greater of habit I still do it on Sunday morning. Maybe I’ll catch on one of these days.



11 thoughts on “Oddball Adventures in Shoe Shopping

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