Smart Device Black And White Challenge: Summer Grasses

Summer Grasses

Summer Grasses And Willows along Strawberry Creek

In mid afternoon in summer what is green and lush in spring and winter is now dry and brown. Still I wanted to capture the soft russell of grass, and willow. I used the Antique  filter from Hipsamatic brightened up in native camera edit to, I hope bring you along with me in a ramble along this recently restored creek.

Pampa Grass and Willow

Pampa Grass and Willow

What might be grasses growing along a stream or road far out in the country, is actually a planting along a ditch between two parking lots.  No matter, pampa grass has a way of catching and reflecting light so it appears to glow at certain times of the day and I am always grateful when I am there to see it and nature it.

Let me know what you think.

For Sally D’s Lens and Pen


11 thoughts on “Smart Device Black And White Challenge: Summer Grasses

    • You got the story I was telling!!
      Makes me think that photography is like pantomime of charades…communicating with no spoken words but speaking loud and clear.

      Happy Monday Challenge


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