Thursday Doors With People

From my trip to Guanajuato and San Miguel Allende Mexico

Children's Fountain

Children’s Fountain San Miguel Allende

Jim and Door

My Mister in a doorway San Miguel Allende

Doorway to Diego Rivera House

Girl in Doorway to Diego Rivera Home Guanajuato

Our Hotel and Wifi thief

Our Hotel and WiFi thief

This woman was standing there for the longest time I kept waiting for her to move finally I took this photo and went in turned around to see her busy on her smartphone.Wifi is hard to come by in Guanajuato we had to sit in just the right place the lobby to get a signal.  The hotel was once, 400 years ago, the priory for the Mission around the corner so maybe all were welcomed??

Photographer and Mission

Photographer and Mission. At least we know where to go to eat.

This must have been early in the day there is only one person in front of the door. Stay tuned  I have many more doors with and without people.

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Doors With People

  1. A lot of the big doors like this in France were so that riders could enter on horseback. I wonder if this was the case in Mexico. Your pictures entice me to visit.


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