COB Chicks I Saw Yesterday 

Free Range Eggs Far From Cheep $8.00

Chick in Red High Heals on Bike

She soon road off into the sunset!!

 Cee’s Oddball Challenge

11 thoughts on “COB Chicks I Saw Yesterday 

  1. Wow, $8.00 for a dozen eggs?? We get free range eggs here for $3.00. Now . . . I won’t say anything about “the chick”. lol



  2. $8! Wow, I thought the eggs at the farmers market here were expensive. I’m lucky to get some through a friend for $3/dozen. With your other two shots, I agree with Allan that I’d never ride a bike in those shoes and I would probably never wear that shoes anyway. I just wasn’t sure it was really a chick at first.



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