Sharing the Journey

Join Me on a Labyrinth Word Walk
Full of twists and turns, switch backs and surprises

December Sunrise

December Sunrise

I love this time of the Year

The sparkle The Dark

I don’t have to get up early to see the sunrise
or stay up late to catch a Sunset

5:01 pm

5:01 pm

Time to dive into the dark

Celebrate what is

the days are short

Sun conjunct Galactic Center’s Black hole right now (don’t worry it happens every year)

Here in Mid-December we look through an arm of the milky way and can see more stars than any other time of the year

Make use of what is
Align with our spiraling Solar System


We WE WALK a Labyrinth

Solstice Means Sun-Still.

This Standing Still in the dark is why I build the Labyrinth each year.

To Give us a place to Stand Still
A place to change direction
A Place To be guided in the dark only by light reflected from the tinsel forming the path beneath our feet
To find ourselves in a place that reflect the movement of the sky story that is happen right now above our head

Magnification of the Solar System

Magnification of the Solar System

The labyrinth (unlike a maze),has a center a turn around the
the way in is the way out.
A Resting place a crossroads just
like the winter sun is at a crossroad of the season where, thanks to the tilt of the earth axis, short days begin to
grow longer the sun appears change direction.

The Light returns
so it is we can use this time to stop stand still and prepare to change direction
to let go of our burdens
to be lighter
to let in the new-born light

This pattern of our labyrinth is also known as the Seven-fold or Cretan labyrinth
A Labyrinth has only one opening and one path.
The way in is the Way out.
A place to center oneself turn around like the returning Solstice Sun
 For many years every winter  Solstice My Husband Jim Acock and I have created a Labyrinth  in social hall
This year we will again be laying out this ancient Labyrinth pattern
Monday Afternoon Dec 19th any time after 1pm
It is not lost on me that this is the day of electoral College meets
come help us create a magical turn around.
Who know what startling
switch-back we might conger.

written by Carol Carlisle for December 18th Church Service
Together in the Darkness at
The Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley

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