Why I Built A Labyrinth for Winter Solstice 2012

We Will Stand Still in the Dark

Every year just before Winter Solstice my husband and I build a labyrinth of tinsel to be walked in the dark so as to reach the center and stand still just as the earth seems on the longest night of the year

My husband and I built this labyrinth of tinsel.

Every year just before Winter Solstice my husband and I build this labyrinth of tinsel. We walk along its path to reach the center, the still point, the place of changing direction. On the darkest and longest night of the Winter Solstice the Sun stands still as it reaches its furthers point South (in the Northern Hemisphere). and begins its journey North toward the Summer Solstice. The Days will begin to grow longer and we shout “Welcome Yule”

Walking in we carry our heavy burdens to the center where we leave them then walk out lighter.

Many people have all sorts of interesting and different plans for this 2012 Winter Solstice.
I am offering the suggestion to center and focus just breathing.

Just as our breathing, in and out, builds a cradle for life and death?
We are grains of sand, dark with farewell, lost in births’ secret treasure trove,
Around us already perhaps future moons, suns, and stars blaze in a fiery wreath.

~ Nelly Sachs ~