Sunday Trees and Monday Nature Challenge

New Years Eve Sundial Tree

Longest Shadow

Longest Shadow 4:46 12/31/2016

Longest Shadow 4:47 12/31/2015

Longest Shadow 4:47 12/31/2015

Standing in the same place each year
at the same place at the same time
I get an almost identical photo.
The biggest difference I see is
there is a lot more green at the base of the trees
this Year.
I hope the rain keeps up.

There’s that word again HOPE.
Lets carry it into the new year
an ember to be tended and nourish
until it is a burning flame
of possibilities, actualities and realities.

May it be so

Posted for Daily Post and Becca’s Sunday Trees

Sally D’s Nature Challenge

10 thoughts on “Sunday Trees and Monday Nature Challenge

  1. Carol, you’ve done something that many of us intend to do, but somehow do not. Great job, the location is a perfect one, especially in the golden state. It’s a gem. It’s also amazing at the similarities. Your poem is a strong addition. Hope, indeed is what we all need. Happy Photo Challenge.


    • I didn’t realize how close the times were until I got home and checked. Almost didn’t go until my husband insisted. The place is 3 minutes from my house. just over the hill in the background. The sunsets have been golden this last week. It’s not the fruit oranges that gave this state it’s name…It’s the light…in my opinion.
      We really have to latch onto that hope boat this year.
      Thanks for noticing my words as well as images


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