Paper White with Balinese Carving

When he light came through the south-facing windows to light up the Paper Whites blooming on my “art table” in early December I captured a few shots in Camera+ I forgot about them. Looking for a photo for the Sally D’s Monday Nature Challenge I came upon this one with the surprise face reminding me of the early, Japanese influenced, Impressionist.

Let Me Know What You Think

Happy New Year Smart Phone Photographers

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13 thoughts

  1. Carol, the cascade of floral delicacies are an apt way to start the year in images. They exude a balance between light and dark. I hope that our year ahead will begin to have a more humane and kind approach to individuals that I see reflected in the paper whites. Yes, I may be reaching, but that’s what crossed by thoughts. Happy, happy New Year to you and yours and thanks for being part of the photo community. Happy Photo Challenge.

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    1. Sally I was thinking about wanting a bright and gentle image after I had a half made post for today with a wild dramatic scary wave and stopped myself thinking that is not how I want to start our year. Somehow you caught that intention. Art and images can speak volumes.
      May we stay whole and healthy this year. The community I live in, Berkeley San Francisco, is very active politically it gives me hope.
      Thanks for being here every Monday
      Happy New Year

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  2. Thanks for including me in the link, Carol! That brought a smile – and it also led me to your post – even though I think I would have dropped by anyway – but the backlight is wonderful and you got that softness for sure.
    There is also a bit of radial symmetry with the backlight.
    Paper whites are such a gift


  3. Carol, first of all, I was able to click on your image and make it even larger on my screen. Wow, wow, wow! It make such a difference. (by the way, how did you set your WordPress to be able to do that? ) Secondly, I like to use images that I come across on my computer screen for awhile. Do you mind if I copy it and do that? I know what you are talking about here: we all have to focus on the positive, even though the news is so alarming.


    1. I think that it is just an internet thing to be able to grab a picture. That’s why we Should copyright are work anyone can take them.
      You may use my pic for a while as long as you don’t claim it as yours which I quickly must say I doubt it you would. I trust you. Thanks for asking. it’s a complement.
      Yes we really do have to guard our souls and hope is the flame that keeps them bright. Oh my I’m getting poetic.
      Are you enjoying the sweet sweet rain?
      My daughter is getting Married this summer that will keep me positive
      How about you? I HOPE life is good.


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