Every Which Way In the Sunlight

Backlit Plum on Thousand Oaks

It was one of those afternoons coming down from the hills with the light in our eyes I see these trees catch fire and yell STOP!
The Husband obeys and I’m out of the car before it’s all the way stopped..Not having a fancy camera I’m happy with this iPhone capture. A little later on the top of the hill I captured this as the sun set over the Bay.

Down the Hill over the Freeway and across the Bay

If you don’t want to drive you can take a Limebike an app operated Bike hiring service I see all over town. this one posed so nicely in the afternoon sun.

LimeBike Ready To Go

One More Turkey Parade in the morning light.

Toms Strut their stuff(ing)

These fellows greeted me with hisses and growls Monday morning as I played paparazzi to their plumage for Cee’s Which Way Challenge 2/23/18 


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