Crepuscular  or twilight is the Daily Prompt Word. They mentioned how it’s getting close to the September Equinox when night and day are of equal lengths. I photograph the setting sun from the same place during the major quarters of the year. Summer and winter solstice and the equinox. Fortunately I have the Golden Gate Bridge as marker. Here is a photo I took last week so the sun is close to wher it will be during the equinox (2 on the photo) at winter solstice (1) the sun sets at the GG Bridge. In the Summer the sun sets beyond 3  I made this square so you could see the bridge and it would qualify for Becky’s September Pink Squares

Sunset by the Seasons

Here’s the whole unmarked panorama

Sunset from Albany Bulb September 14

one more vibrant Sunset for Cee’s Fun Fotos Vibrant

Mear the same place a few minutes later Wow!

Hope you enjoyed my triple dip challenge photos today



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