Plastic in Black and White

Things made our of plastic can be sublime when photographed in black and white even when there ordinary or playful   I awakened my long forgotten Evoke App for this challenge


Plastic watering can against grape vine


Strawberry Shortcake doll from long ago

Hope your world is more beautiful today. Go see more of Cee’s Challenges Here

Here’s Strawberry in color E1A608D0-5B84-4E62-9DC4-C4BCCF755768.jpeg


8 thoughts on “Plastic in Black and White

  1. Carol! Thanks for letting me know and how fun this has been tonight! I only was able to peek at a few posts and thanks for the fun!
    The tablecloth is another cool aspect of the color version – amazing how the full color is so diverse and ms strawberry is cute


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