Sunday Stills Texture is Everywhere

TEXTURE OF THE HUMAN FLOW was part of an event to raise awareness of immigration and how we all were immigrants. Here is Lola from Nigeria mapping the path she took getting to California, Julie who was born in Mexico Looks onD1B98F1D-7626-4359-91DD-67403D75BD63

This stucco bungalow has a stone sculpture dedicated to People who lost their lives in the Thailand Tsunami 8CF86C6F-5AA9-4013-A80E-2E20A6C73B7D

On the sidewalk out front of this house I met a new fur friend Madison51E6FD84-7F61-4E9F-96A6-10056730F3D1.jpeg

I must add this weeks offering of Autumn Leaves with an additional textured rug down in a corner 3ED57592-F410-4F24-A30A-F45F604578A5

What gave your life Texture this week?

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