This photo of sprouting bulbs in a wine glass came up  when I put “drink” into the photo search for Cee’s Black and White Challenge Drinks

D86F9F5B-FDA2-402D-B6FC-D49AF7044F22.jpegSo I’ll remind folks it’s time to buy your narciss bulbs to force your Paperwhites to bloom in time for the holidays

Paperwhites in bloom 

wouldn’t they look lovely with High Tea

High Tea in London 

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      1. You are on the right track, Carol. Back in the ’80s I had a friend who did a lot of photography for gardening catalogs. He approached his flower photos as “flower portraits”, lighting and posing them indoors and out. I think of him often as I take photos of the roses in our backyard. I look forward to seeing the results of your portrait sessions.


        1. Lens and Pens does a lot of arty flower portraits too.
          That would be a fun job photographing flowers might be easier than wiggly children. Well I have to plant mine first see how it goes. Oh and as I’m thinking about gardens. Where the #$!& is the rain?

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