Let’s Speak Of Dire Beauty


Sunrise This Morning

Yesterday we noticed the sky was a funny color. I messaged friends around San Francisco Bay about it and came to find out a whole town 150 miles north of us was burning to the ground. This morning we awoke to an eerie  smoky sunrise. Travel With Intent ask for post about the Earth  The dire beauty of this sky exemplifies  what is happening to the Earth right now California has had no measurable rain in months becaus of you guessed it Global warming! While we are being distracted by shenanigans in the White House Climate Change is on the back Burner . How many arces  have to burn and how many days do we have to breath unhealthy air before we figure out how get the Earth to the top of  our countries agendai?!


The Earth is on Fire it seems

Air Quality Today


So for now we try to put out the fires of  injustice


My Husband’s  photo of last nights protest

3 thoughts on “Let’s Speak Of Dire Beauty

  1. Powerful photos to go with your message today, Carol. I think that change is going to have to come from the bottom up with this issue. I’m sure you remember the ’60s slogan, Lead, Follow, or get out of the Way!


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