Looks like 2 Suns Through Double Pane Windows

Stepped outsid to Capturer  Single Smoky Orange Sun

We’re Told More Days Like Tis To Come

I locked myself out I should have been Seething   but while I waited  to get let in I photographed this moth sleeping on the door jam.


Six Word Saturday

What I am Seething about is The Orange Man threatening to Cut Federal fundss to help help fight California Wild Fires while he’s in Paris sipping champagne!.


11 thoughts

  1. yeah, I agree with you. Stupid to threaten to cut funds to fight fires. Better to cut the president’s salary and put the money where it can do more good.


      1. Oh, I don’t know anything about insects.

        Yeah, agree with you but what he is smart about is how to reach out to his audience of people who are scared or prejudiced and get them to vote. I really really don’t want him to win again …. if we can get by without a world war starting before the next presidential election. Two years. We just have to make it two more years. Seems like a long time now but it might go fast.


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