Welcome To a reboot of Womder Wednesday I’m taking my inspiration from City Sonnet’s  color of the year whose color is Living Coral a color similar to my neighbors disdious pear tree leaves.3fd6acc3-011f-493c-afac-a23576ecc6f5

I, also, usually choose a color of the year this year I’m not what it might be called. It’s the color of these skies.The first one from my photo of the sunrise during the fires last fall

Campfire Orange through my window

The next; the last sunset of 2018 from my rear view mirror and reflected on the car.

Goodbye 2018

And the next night

Hello 2019

I wonder (my word of the year) what is the name of the intense orange swirling in the center of all these suns? It looks to me like the color one sees when gold is melted in a furnace. Well I put “melting gold” into Google and among other images, there was a melted gold sunset.  So I guess  Melting Gold is my color of the year. My first Womder Wednesday Prompt to you is:


Even if you haven’t chosen one share what color you like or have a lot around you.

Give me a pingback or share I comments so we all can see..You have all week to participate

Next week is What is your word of the Year?



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