Fun Barnyard Love Fotos For Cee’s Challenge


Flirty Goat

Narcissi Goose

Narciss Self Love  Goose

Chicken Kiss

Chicken Kiss

Cow Kiss

Cow Kiss

As I have mentioned before turkeys live on our block. I wake up to gobble gobble, when I went out to watch the sunset I heard the familiar call. Pretty soon there will be more turkeys if  swinging Tom has his way:

Swinging Tom

Swinging Tom

I have a lot of turkey pics Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge Barnyard Animals but this is the latest. As I put this together I realized that they are all love pics. Spring came early around here it seems!


Zombi Chicken Man

Poetry and Photography for the Temporally Living!

Zombi Chicken man

Zombi Chicken man

Did I make you look or should I say lure you in? Well this is a photo for Ese’s Weekly Photo Shoot and Quote Challenge – “Allure: What looks good from afar can be far from good.” —Anonymous.

So what if it is just a man behind the pretty chicken?

It’s probably a better picture as zombi chicken man

then just a big fat hen.

 I, also, posted this because Margo Rody has pictures of animals dressed up as people for a writing prompts today… Which inspired this nonsence:

A chicken in a hat

is she’s happier

than a chicken in a pot

a Zombi Chicken Man she’s not

so save your carrots and your celery

we’ll have roasted bat tonight

with the hairier

Goat Fish Ghoul instead.

by Scary Lee Carlisle 

ps: I still don’t know if the ghoul is an invited guest or the main course?  Any thoughts?


Doors: Little Red Hen at the Threshold

She feels right at home.
Little Red Hen knows
the door is always open for her.  May we all feel just as welcomed in the world in which we live.

The suggested topic  by Jake was doors so I am offering this humble passage. It is one of my favorite pictures I have in my library. May this proud little lady bring you joy and (Taken at Tilden Park’s Little Farm. She will never bring anything to anyone’s lips but a smile.)