Books, Books and More Books

Sunday Stills For The Love of Reading and Writing and Books

My Bookshelf

Reading during writing group

Writers surrounded by books

The tiny lady with the cane has published a number of volumes about her interesting life.This is at her book filled house.

I always have believed if you have the right book you can learn anything

How to watercolor book


4 thoughts on “Books, Books and More Books

  1. A friend of mine gave me that same watercolor book!!!! And have you seen that hilarious take on Marie Kondo’s comment about books? If not, I will post it. OH, I think someone here on WordPress did. That is where I saw it. Let me know. PS How wonderful to belong to a writing group.


    • Marie Kondo, I’ve seen many hilarious send up of her…My daughter thinks she’s the best. I can’t give her anything because it may clutter her house.
      Oh I do love my writing group. ❤️


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