Sunday Post: Valuable

Today has seemed like Sunday because we had yesterday off, got together with friends and family and ate  a lot so it is only right I put up Jajkesprinters Sunday Post today.

The theme is Valuable.

So here you have my offspring.

My Daughters and

a book that has my poems.

If you look  carefully  there is a green spine that

reads Write For Your Life

an anthology of writings from

a group of us by the same name.

There are other valuables in my life

but these are the ones

I can’t live with out

O yes and my Husband! 😉

Jazz Launch Party Hoopla

Like a proud parent I was happy to host a launch party Friday night for the publication of my friend Tad Lathrop’s book on the history of Jazz.

Now I am happy to share the forum of my blog to publicize “Discover Jazz”.   Tad’s Book available on Amazon

If you want to learn more about Jazz check out this book.  If know someone who teaches Jazz history please pass this along.

Discover Jazz presents an inclusive overview of the history of jazz, with balanced coverage of the contributions of men and women from around the world. Emphasizing the importance of context, the text presents the story of jazz not as a simple narrative, but as a series of encounters among musicians, historical events, musical influences, and social forces. And, this student-friendly text gives readers the tools they need to actively listen to–and build their own relationships with–this great American art form.

Teaching and Learning Experience

Personalize Learning– The new MyMusicLab delivers proven results in helping students succeed, provides engaging experiences that personalize learning, and comes from a trusted partner with educational expertise and a deep commitment to helping students and instructors achieve their goals.

Improve Active Listening- The authors bring the music to the foreground for the student, helping students listen to and analyze the music.

Engage Student- The design of Discover Jazz alone will engage students, while key features such as the Closer Look and Issues boxes will actively involve them in learning about jazz throughout the text.

Support Instructors- Discover Jazz comes with a complete support package for the instructor ranging from MyMusicLab and ClassPrep, to testing material.



Tad’s Book