Cee’s Fun Fotos Gardens came just in time celebrate Naked Ladies. Every August, as if by magic, leafless Pink Lillie’s pop up everywhere: in gardens, on hillsides or even on parking strips. These Naked Ladies brighten the late summer landscape as my sunflowers wilt and vegetables go to seed.

Bright pink Amaryllis Belladonna,Naked Ladies
Hanging out with scented geraniums
Look Ma no leaves!

Some bright joy in this sad week.

6 thoughts

  1. How’s your Lady Carol begonia doing? Mine’s thriving outside our front door.

    And did you get your ear taken care of? We got a new battery for my car.




  2. Nice specimens, Carol. I love this time of year when they are blooming. Ours are playing hide-and-seek with us by popping up out of their usual rotation. It’s fun to go out and see who’s new every day.


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