Sunday Stills Mellow Yellow  and One Word Sunday Pink gives me a chance to share this summer’s Cannas and Roses blooming together.

So much color in one spot!
Cannas catching the afternoon rays

8 thoughts

    1. I’m sure I can find more pink pics. I had tried to find other images of communists because in the US they are called Pink or pinko. I imagined that’s what you were implying with Lennon. 😎


      1. No, I didn’t know about that term – interesting. We call communists reds, and of course Lenin is associated with Red Army and Red Terror, etc. My thought was the contrast between gentle pink flowers and what we now know about Lenin.


        1. Of course the contrast of flowers and Lennon is clear. I found this in Wikipedia Pinko is a pejorative coined in 1925 in the United States to describe a person regarded as being sympathetic to communism, though not necessarily a Communist Party member. It has since come to be used to describe anyone perceived to have leftist or socialist sympathies.
          Wikipedia › wiki › Pinko


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