Fire Is a loaded word for anyone living in California: this week is the anniversary of the Campfore that wiped out the entire town of Paradise and kept most of Northern California inside with worst air quality in the world. Because more fire conditions are predicted for this week I’ll share an image of my new favorite succulent called Camp Fire

Campfire succulent

Processed to add drama

One Word Sunday


5 thoughts

  1. I know how you feel….I am in Australia and it feels like the whole continent is aflame! love the plant and even though I love succulents this one is new to me too. Stay safe!


    1. I’ve been keeping track of fires in Australia because my daughter was visiting there. Both our coast’s are burning. It’s very dry here in California.
      That succulent was in my daughter’s new landscaping. I photographed it and took it to the nursery. It’s in the class as jade plants crassula. Maybe should post the sign for it.
      Yes keep loving and being gentle with our beautiful planet.


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