A photo a week challenge StylishNancy shared that she wore sneakers for her wedding  So I’m free to share I wore Blue Birkenstocks to my daughter wedding . We live very close to Berkeley CA where even now in the 2000’s these iconic sandals are still in fashion. I added a sparkling bright blue pedicure for the big occasion.

Blue sandals

Socks and sandals is stylish when the socks are purple. Probably fallowing a yoga class
With purple socks
Now who says both shoes need to match?

Two girls
Stylish Twins

I’m sure the mom was just happy to get these red heads covered and out the door on a sunny day.
How do you Challenge fashion norms?

3 thoughts

  1. I don’t wear makeup now because my eyes are always so dry and itchy (though I did wear some to my daughter’s wedding). And I give up on fashion because I’m usually cold and just want to be warm!


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