Quote of the week

“If a donkey bray at you, don’t bray at him.”

George Herbert (British poet, 1593-1633)

Donkey San Miguel Allende
San Miguel Allende

Many years ago I created a children’s Christmas Pageant from  the book The Donkey’s Dreamby Helen Berger.


A beautifully illustrated Story of a donkey ”As he walks along, a donkey dreams he is carrying a city, a ship, a fountain, a rose, then a “lady full of heaven” upon his back. When the lady gives birth in a cave, she calls the donkey to her: “See what we have carried all this way, you and I.” A Christmas picture book rich in symbols of the feminine, with an author’s note at the end.”

To march around the church we made banners of the city, a fountain a rose and the sailing ship that the children carried;, many of them dressed as dogs. And of course there was The Donkey one year on wheels pushed along by a teenage boy.

Here’s the head retired now to the Mexican chair surrounded by many friends

The Donkey
Donkey And Friends

May all your dreams come true this year.

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