Friendly Friday Photo Challenge-Yellow  has given me something to do. My yard is full of yellow fruit and flowers. I kept my self busy yesterday photographing the food that came in our food delivery…

Bananas lookin lovely

Fruit and Flowers from the Garden

Lemon waiting to be planted and picked
Fancy Sage

Yellow Sunflower From Past Years

Sunflower with a voice

20 thoughts

  1. My dog loves bananas and those look delicious to me too! I have also just planted two citrus trees in pots. One is a dwarf lemon tree. I hope it gets lemons asap. I love them in cooking.


          1. Nurseries are open and they are really busy – seedlings, particularly vegetable seedlings, sell out in a couple of hours, as everyone is doing DIY at home now!


              1. What with Marie Kondo and the Corona isolation, I am not surprised. There were a few shops down south that stopped donations as well. Pity, because in a few months time, they will be sorely needed by some families, I think.


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