Point Isabel
Empty dog park promenade along San Francisco Bay March 2020

There really was no one in sight here’s the panorama the looking North

Point Isabel
Not even any dogs.

It was beautiful with no one around which means I’ve have been in isolation (with my husband) for 14 days. I’m  happy to keep it that way to stay healthy and alive .

Six Word Saturday 


6 thoughts

  1. Calm and peaceful or eery? I can’t decide. There is a facebook group from our town, it’s got a terribly confusing name, something like DCFAWUU (= Documention of the time of Corona Photos of our town and surrounds) where photos can be posted to document the anomalies (or normalities) of the time.


    1. See comment from Debbie Smyth about your group…What a good idea. The news had drone footage of the whole Bay Area it got creepy-not a single person in any photo with eerie music. It was the end of a horror movie. We have families taking walks around here,sweet! Post some of your normal pics please!

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  2. Whoever named that group should look to an online creativity cause whilst in isolation 🙂
    I love your images, Carol. I could sit and gaze at that for hours. It hasn’t been so quiet and deserted here as an awful lot of people seem to be being lockdown as an early summer holiday!


    1. Oh dear, it was like that here last weekend-everyone we to the beach. The Governor yelled at us and closed all State beach parking lots. Fortunately it’s raining and our beach is City property. So glad you liked my views, I’m learning to appreciate what I take for granted.


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