A  Pretty Plant gets a full on Square Perspective I’m use to spending my time teach photography and I miss it so I’m going to give a little lesson once in a while. Becky’s perspectives challenge is perfect for photo lessons. Today’s is

To Edit or Not to Edit?

flower and Gate
Flower gate

Square of squares. If you are like me you don’t take just one photo of something you like. I like to photograph the subject of my momentary affection from many different angles, points of view and perspectives. My favorite photo teacher, a long time ago, told us that editing the shoot was just as important as taking a great photo. Sometimes true more than others. Now days with digital not so true. You can make grids and galleries to take folks along on your latest photo shoot and they can do the choosing

Which flower portrait do you prefer?

Photo Gride
Multiple views from Photo Grid app

A WordPress Gallery an other perspective

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