For today’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Old Buildings…

An English Castle said to have been used in Dowton Abbey

Alcock Abby June 2018

A short walk away is where a scene from Harry Potter was filmed

Arm and street
Street in Lacock, England 2018

In France you see old Pump houses out in the fields

Pump house
Valensole France 2018

Back at home here’s my old shed and me to shamelessly promote my new Challenge Selfie Saturday-Putting Yourself in the Picture or PYP. Selfie Saturday-Putting Yourself in the Picture This is a big step especially since I’m only using a tablet to do my posts.

Sunflower Selfie
Me and my Sunflower 2020

I had babied this lone sunflower all summer and was so proud when it finally bloomed I wanted a photo of us together and with a little twisting around I was able to get the photo. I know a few tricks I’ll be sharing when you stop by to learn and share at…

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