Every Saturday you’ll be given an opportunity to share a photograph you have taken, and you’re some where in it.Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a Rembrandt like self portrait. Make it Cheerfulcausing happiness by its nature or appearance. Says the dictionary


We#4 I Was Framed

Week 3 It’s not always about me

My thinking is many of us are still at home “social distancing” maybe even alone. We all need a little cheer. Maybe board, and/or doing interesting project. Share that! Did you bake a loaf of sourdough that you want to show off look? Learn to paint watercolor or fingernails? Or learned to create Turn your camera around and share your pride. I grew a giant sunflower some of you may have seen me with it in a post.

BUT WAIT did you say your not sure you know how to take a Selfie or they come out terrible. I will be giving tips and trick most weeks. Use those lesson in your photo. I’d love to see them. Please ask question in comments.

Anything Counts as a Selfie as long as you’re the one holding the camera

Some examples of Selfies and why you take them.

  1. A photo of you doing something special. Boy I’m proud
  2. Creating a memory . I was here doing this…
  1. A photo of you in a mirror ( hair cut, new hat, should I get this dress?
  2. An image where you only catch part of yourself (my toes get in flower shots more then I want.) sometimes it’s cute
  3. Photo with you and one other person even a whole group of friends (screen shots of zoom groups count )
  4. Just your finger pointing something out.
  5. An I.D. Picture
  6. Selfie from archives are welcomed

The Prime Directive is HAVE FUN.

To participate create your own. Link it to my weekly post with a pingback and or tag it #Selfie Saturday. Also share a link to your post in comments of my post so others can see it too.

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I can’t give to many examples here because I only have a tablet for the time being, also it’s not to easy to give you a specific weekly challenge other then PUT YOURSELF IN THE PICTURE!

Self portraits are an ancient art form. From Rembrandt to Frieda Kahlo to Andy Warhol painters have used themselves as models.

Nowadays with smartphones and selfie sticks it’s so easy to “put yourself” in the picture. Many of us do it accidentally with our thumbs or an unwanted reflection in a Mirror. Selfies are great for capturing memories of places you’ve been as well as people you were with. One of my family favorites is all of us in a lavender field in France.