CCSC is an opportunity to share a photograph you have taken, that you were in somewhere. Maybe even by accident.or intentional.

There are all kinds of selfies, the simplest is getting in the way of the camera. I’ve given up trying to get out of the way when attempting a window photograph.  Of course there’s where your toes get in the way.

Toes Toes and my seating area
Window Window Selfie

Proud of my sunflower selfie is the most cheerful

Sunflower Selfie Me and my Sunflower 2020

Oh please share your intentional or accidental selfie…
To participate create your own link my weekly post as pingback and or tag it Carol’s Cheerful Selfie Challenge. Also share a link to your post in comments of my post so others can see it


I’m making this a Six Word Saturday so more folk see my new challenge. Thanks Debbie

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