Six Word Saturday  gives me a chance to put out to the world  my view of climate change

Smoky sky
Smoky Sunrise August 21 2021

this is day 3 of not stepping out of the house because the air is so bad from the smoke from wildfires all around us (I’m safe from fire) but I’m running an air purifier on high 24-7. It’s supposed to get worse

Last year at this time I was in Santa Cruz which is on fire now

Santa Cruz
Ask ta Cruz Beach Boardwalk 2019 This is now an evacuation center
Redwood trees 2019 Most of Big Basin Wilderness has burned 2020

4 thoughts

  1. Carol, I’ve seen photos of the fires and they’re horrific/terrifying/heart-breaking. I can only imagine how awful the air is, but at least you’re safe. So sad about Big Basin and the many homes that have been burned. I wonder if wine country will survive as well.



    1. The fires are all around wine country some wineries are evacuated. My daughter went to UC Santa Cruz so we know that area really well.
      My eyes itch and burn even in the house. Now all we need is an earthquake to make a thrilling disaster movie. 😆


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