CFFC Buildings Come and Go

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge  is one of my favorite challenges today’s is all About Buildings. This morning I learned a favorite Highway One stop, Pie Ranch had burned in the wildfires last night. I have a couple of photos from a last  summer’s visit.

Interior Pie ranch

Pie Ranch August 2019

You always think next time I’ll buy more pie or other souvenir…

Side pie ranch

157 year old building gone

In face of wildfires and pandemic there is reason to hope. The construction of a Tiny House Village for homeless teens goes on.

Youth Spirit Artwork

Roof Raising March 15, 2020

Working on Tiny houses

Work Goes On

Tiny House

A Finished Tiny House is a Work of Art and Love

If you’re wondering why I’m so enthusiastic about this program, my husband is an adult volunteer. Lately he is mostly doing pick up and delivery. I don’t allow My Mister at 71  to even do social distance work.

For more about this program go to Youth Spirit Artworks

“Youth Spirit Artworks (YSA) is an interfaith art jobs and job training program located in Berkeley, California which is committed to empowering homeless and low-income San Francisco Bay Area young people, ages 16-25.YSA was founded in 2007, as a response to the enormous employment challenges of older homeless and low-income youth.The mission of Youth Spirit Artworks is to use art jobs and jobs training to empower and transform the lives of youth, giving young people the skills, experience, and self-confidence needed to meet their full potential.”

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