A window makes a good mirror even when that’s not your attention. Here I just was attempting to photograph the grapevine.

Grape leafs
And there I am. I Was Framed

How can I create an image of the strange orange sun we’ve had all week and make it interesting? Use my hair as a frame

Sun and hair
Sun tangled in my hair

Now it’s your turn to put yourself in the frame.

CCSC runs from Saturday to Saturday  Prime Directive is HAVE FUN.

To participate create your own. Link it to my weekly post with a pingback and or tag it #Selfie Saturday. Also share a link to your post in comments of my post so others can see it too.

Anything Counts as a Selfie as long as you’re the one holding the camera Used to take your photo.

For more informations see Carol’s Cheerful Selfie Challenge Page




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