Three Photos of Three Things

Three Geese

Canada Geese

Look close there are Three

Three Fruit

Apple and pares

2 Green Pares and an Apple

Three Tomatoes


Handful of fruit

One Word Sunday Three

4 thoughts on “Three Photos of Three Things

  1. Wow, I love the concept of Three that you used here. I pressed “like” and it did not work. I had to sign into WordPress even though I thought I was already signed in. But I was accessing your post from my email, maybe that is why. I am determined to crack these WordPress issues. I recall in the past there was someone at WordPress that I emailed and they responded and helped. Do you know the email?


    • I can’t get on to respond to WP from email. It’s some safety? feature they added a while back. I always have to use reader. It’s awkward and I loose people. It’s not you if that helps.
      Stay inside


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