POV Shadow Play

We went outside for the first time in 10 days yesterday, it’s been smoky here, very smoky and there were no shadow. There are no shadows when the sun doesn’t shine. I was thrilled there were shadows and surprised that was Focus on the Shadow

This week's assignment - focus on the shadow of your subject rather than the subject

My Skirt: near the Equinox the sun sets directly West


In the shadows

Me and skirt

Facing East ruffle 9-16-2020

Two shadows

Heading Home

POV focus on Shadows   

I think the challenge was to include the subject and it’s shadow but I got carried away with dancing with shadows…

My Mister shooting from a different POV

Jim at the beach

Getting down was easy getting back up harder at our age

One thought on “POV Shadow Play

  1. Sorry to hear about all the smoke. I hope you are far enough away from from the fires. The shadows are perfect, no subject required 😊
    And yes, I know all about the difficulties in getting back up. Oh to be young and supple! 😂


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