Weekly Photo Challenge: New Years Day Shadow Selfies

Long shadows New Years Day Pt. Lobos

Long shadows New Years Day 2015 Pt. Lobos CA

New Years Day 2013 Shadow selfie  Albany

New Years Day 2013 Shadow selfie Albany Race Track

Weekly Photo Challenge Shadows suggested for this week’s Photo Challenge, find the shadows, I found I had been making shadow selfies on New Years Day for the last few years. Here’s a couple.  It’s a wonderful day to be out and about because late afternoon light comes early, 3:30 or 4,making it easy to capture long shadows before dinner.

What New Years Day traditions do you have?


Phoneography: Close up of a Turkey Feathery Fan Dance

Sun lit feather

1-Sun lit feather



2 Feather

3- Feather in the shadows

4. Feather

4. Feather

I had no idea what I had to offer for the macro challenge today until I went into the kitchen and ray of light hit this turkey feather left and forgotten on a window sill. Leaning over the sink I captured a few images before the sun lit shadow dance diapered.
Law of Similars I find the feather tips look a little bird like as they sway across the  image. What do you think and which do prefer?

Lens and Pens Macro Challenge

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Nurturing Thursday: Do The Autumn Happy Dance!


IMG_2817 Welcome the change of season with open arms!

What if Persephone went to the Underworld willingly? Wouldn’t she have had an easier time? I have read version of the Myth of Persephone in which she heard the cries of the those in hell and allowed herself to be carried off in order to elevate the suffering. No need to throw ourselves into the pit of fire but it might serve us well to find reasons why we like the shorter days! I, for one, am doing a Happy Dance because we finally have a little rain after almost 6 months of none.

What Autumn Happy Dance Are You Doing?

Nurturing Thursday‘s Becca Givens suggests an other way to embrace change. Go visit her and you will also learn how to become part of Nurturing Thursday.

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Phoneography: Shapes and Shadows

Shapes and shadows

Shapes and shadows

Here’s the cover of a new mystery novel. Now tell me what it’s all about and who did what to who. Bhaw-ha-ha! My site has a new fall look. I appears I’m moving into the dark early. I hope I’m not going to scare anyone away.

Lens and Pens by Sally Suggested we create an abstract picture with our I phones. I created this gothic piece with my antique iPhone 4s and a little magic from Phototoaster and Snapseed.