Damselflies fold their wings when they rest and are smaller and ladylike

DamsE fly

Sometimes it’s hard to spot a damselfly in the fennel

is Becky’s Square post

travel with intents Sis word Saturday says

5 thoughts

    1. I wish you could smell the fennel too. It’s so sweet Thanks.
      Seems like block has too many choices and squiggly symbols that have no meaning to me.
      Thanks for the encouragement. I wanted to give up this morning. Plus the news is overwhelming here about Trump. You went through this with you Prime Minister all


      1. If only block editor included a smell button!!

        It is incredibly confusing and frustrating at the start, but do hope you persist as it is worth it.

        And yes huge news, dominating our headlines here too. Hopefully he won’t be as sick as our PM because goodness knows how that will impact on your country, and the election. You need change but not this way.


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