Sungold Tomatoes twinkling in a bowl


They took away my classic template for posting and I have not the hang of Box posting. I don’t feel in control. I’m not taking kindly to it. Especially on my tablet…

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  1. Your tomatoes look delicious, but sending hugs for the loss of classic editor. You should be able to use a version of it in the block editor. Can find the advice link if that would be helpful xx


  2. WordPress must have had a good chuckle this morning/last night when we all flew into a panic! But truth be told, we coped, Carol. We got a post up, and the rest is just time and experience. I know what you mean about feeling out of control, but I was just heartily relieved my page still looked much the same. Well done you! 🙂 🙂


    1. Thanks for the pep talk, Jo. Unfortunately all I have for the moment is a tablet which makes it more awkward with tiny symbols to decipher. I’m whiny today with our insane President and bad air. But like you said I got up and got my post out.
      Thank you friend 😍

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      1. Given what else is going on you are amazing Carol to have worked through it. WP is never easy on a tablet and can’t imagine what it was like yesterday when you discovered block editor. So much respect for you for keeping going xx


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