They make for interesting Oddball Images as well as, a good Six Word Story

Rub-a-dub-dub they think they’re in a tub

I got these out to see which ones my daughter wanted for her tree and they told their own stories

Inspired by Life

And and I’m sure these read the headline crumpled above their head

Sweetness creates a warmer holiday

One of the best parts of putting up the Christmas trees is that the ornaments are an annual time capsule of “remembering when…” Hope you are having happy and safe holiday.

Six Word Saturday  

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  1. Looks like they’re having a good time, too, Carol. We’re not doing a tree this year as we’ve called off the family gathering this year, at least for those who would have had to fly and those in California, because who knows what rules will be in place by Christmas. We will be able to get together with my brother and his family and my parents, something that hasn’t happened at Christmas since I was in college and that was a very long time ago!!



    1. Well we are in lockdown in California and that’s why we have our tree. It just seems neighborly to add as many sparkling lights as possible to our street. And when we haze zoom gatherings trees make nice backgrounds. Sorry you’re not having a family gathering. Who knows if people could get out of California! Stay safe!

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