I was going to do cupcakes for today’s Square Up until about a dozen turkeys began to sun themselves on the neighbor’s roofs. Not only there were so very many the light was perfect

Turkey up on the
Palm and turkeys
1/28/21 so very California with the palm
Roof turkey
The neighbors have a new weather vane

And now shal we join Carole King and James Taylor singing Up On The Roof. 



19 thoughts

  1. That’s incredible. I recall working in the dining room one day, and the side fence – there were 6 Quail. They all followed each other. It’s fun to see nature unfolding in front you. Love the song Up on the roof. Please feel free to stop by my blog and say HI – https://humblebuthumorous.com/


    1. I’m sure you will be sure to know turkeys on the roof is quite common around here in SF East Bay. There have been flocks wandering our neighborhoods for years now. They came down from this hill and stayed.


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