First you’ll need cupcakes

pick your favorite

We’ll meet at Fenton’s Creamery in Oakland CA where the last scene of the movie Up takes place. Almost everyone in the East Bay over 10 has gone to a Party there. 

UP image
Photo of end of Up painting inside restaurant

PIXAR Studios that made UP is only a few miles away from Fentons

My Husbands Birthday party a few years ago

At Fentons
His kindergarten photo looks a lot  like the Kid in the picture 

We need to invite some couples

Carol and Jim
Us I all framed up

Daughter and friends

And since its in the winter we may have a crab feed too. This guy was last nights dinner. His silly face really cracked me up! Then we cracked and ate him all up. Sorry for the puns but you need some fun at an UP party

Dungeness Crab
Dungeness Crab 2021

Hope you enjoyed the party! 


Becky’s Square Up Challenge 1/30/21

Six ord Saturday 1/30/2021

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      1. I love virtual food. My husband not so much. He has threatened to throw it and all the virtual serving dishes in the trash if I don’t leave the virtual table three times a day. ;(


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