Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine! All Mine!

I’ve gone a little mad.

I’ve lost my mind.

Oh the Weekly Photo Challenge Mine  is mine not mind!

Well any way you look at it

I’ve been shopping for plants,

lots of plants. and there all MINE!

Maybe It was the full Moon just past or could be because we cut down a tree and have a lot of ground to be filled.

If you’ve been following me you will notice the Lilac and a Canna Lilly that wrote about longingly earlier this year.

The Bougainvillea and Ginkgo Tree  are just there for for fun and color. I’m hoping as soon as the heat of Indian Summer cools down most of them will go into the ground. If I can bear to have them not just outside my back door. The little rose in the middle has been on the deck for years. Sometimes I’m over protective of the little ones or just like having then near by.  After all there mine. Evil laugh and rubbing my hands together. Bwah! Ha Ha Ha! All Mine!

Sunday Post: Autumn Flames That We Can Live With

My mother lived for a while in Louisianan and then Florida where Cannas   thrive.  When we moved to Oklahoma she was always struggling to get these tropical beauties to bloom on one side of the house or the other.  The hot dry summers and the bone chilling cold  winters of Northern Oklahoma were too much for these cousins of the banana plant. I keep meaning to plant some but I always think of it at the wrong time of year.

Last week I captured  this picture in a neighbors garden at the “golden hour”  when the sun had set the leaves on fire with color. The spider web  on the post to the left of the plant adds the perfect fall touch. I’m sure there is a haiku in there somewhere.  Anyone care to to try?

Also, as I watch the news of the Middle East, I can’t help think of our Sudanese next door neighbors who brought a rare red pock-a- dot Cannas for their garden from Egypt. It and they are safely transplanted and thriving here in the US.

Jajkesprinters Sunday Post is Autumn this week