Come Dance in the Street With Me

Sunday was the 36th Annual Solono Stroll

I’m glad the geese woke me up yesterday for the 26 block long party with a parade,

food, games, a ferries wheel, and every kind of booths from political to ones selling home made do-hickeys .

But most of all  there was dancing in the street. Every one joined in young and old; sneaker wearing and a few brave enough to sport high heals and little more.

What shoes would you be wearing? I’m the one with the pink IPhone taking your picture  🙂

Sunday Post: Morning Critters and Haiku

Good morning rooster

A Morning Haiku

Squeaky gate call

awakened me this morning.

Welcome home geese!

Jakesprinters suggested the theme “morning ” I suspect he wanted us to post photos of that time of day, but these critters that wake us up called to me this morning.  Literally, the first geese of fall really did wake me up today as they flew low over my house on their way to soccer field down the street.

May the creatures in your life awaken you to the wonders of a new day. Do you have consciousness raising critters in your life?

FYI my alarm is a duck quack.

The Fragrance of Dreams

I set upon the altar of my heart

a promise in the shape of a poem

made of sparrows wings,

and wild geese dancing.

Poets before me have set down

the fragrance of their dreams and

golden landscapes of their wonder.

All this I will take up each day

So I may be not lost

from my own heart.

Carol Carlisle

From a few words I scribbled in the back of “New and Selected Poems” By Mary Oliver

Saturday Funnies: Musterd Geese

The Serious Sentinel and Friends

Mustard Geese

Hour  after hour

all you can see is their snaky heads

hiding among the flowers

 green and yellow no reds.

These local fowl  trust

we don’t see them just

standing so still.

One serious sentinel

with head above the rest

puts this to the test,

we see through the ruse

and name him

Colonel Mustard Goose.

Two blocks from my house is a plot of land used for agricultural research. It has become a home to variety of wild life: Canadian geese, wild turkeys, occasional, deer, skunks, and raccoons to the amusement of all the neighbors. Having grown up in the country I feel right at home, too.