Phoneography Macro Challenge and Day 3 Black and White Challenge

When Life Gives You A Lumpy Lemon Make a Picture

Black and White Lemon

Black and White Lemon

Lemon of Color

Lemon of Color

I keep thinking of Martha Graham dance photos when I look at these images, do you?

Which do you prefer?

Why one is B&W I’m doing the 5 day black and white Challenge and glad of it because, I doubt I would have made the monochrome lemon image otherwise.  Part of the challenge is to nominate someone else to do it each day. Well I can’t choose among all the participants in Sally’s Monday Challenge so I nominate anyone who reads this today to participate in the 5 Day Black and White challenge!

I would love it if you take peek at other Black and White entries. Coming and Going Dog and Street Stalker

Please visit Sally’s Lens and Pens for photographic  inspiration and information.

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Weekly Photo Challenge Silhouette


Golden Gate from Albany Beach

Golden Gate from Albany Beach


Crow Tree

Crow Tree

Weekly Photo Challenge Silhouette

Do You have a favorite? Let me know.

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Happy Week End


Phoneography Challenge: Silky Fine Lines

Milkweed and Spiders



I wanted to capture the essence of Milkweed after a long search through PhotoStudio I came to the simple gray-scale filter that created this almost celestial being.

Spider in the night

2-Spider in the night

Coming out on a friends porch late at night we came upon a big spider. I put on the flash and pointed at where it might be. It was too dark to see on my phone’s screen. I brightened the web with Phototoaster. Used PhotoStudio of get the reverse image.

Spider revers image

3-Spider reverse image

For the double exposure I used InstantBlend

Double exposure

4-Double exposure spider and artichoke

Lens and Pens Monochrome  challenge. Which one do you prefer?

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Poetry Day 7 The Chaotic Poetic Challenge

Lochi echoes

Loki echoes

Loki echoes

ethos toils

key locator

beneath the bridge

why can’t we all be trolls?

Carol Carlisle 4/7/14



Diminishing men fish

or something like that was the prompt

for today from Quickly’s go visit if you dare.

In Norse mythology Loki sometimes assists the gods and sometimes causes problems for them for that reason he’s put in charge of today’s chaotic poetic challenge.

Phoneoghaphy: Black and White Cloud Capture

Clous and cloud tree

1.Clouds and cloud tree

Clouds and arbor

2.Clouds between arbor and cloud tree

Where the crow  flew

3.There once was a crow now there are clouds.

Expecting to capture the black and white texture of the bare branches in my back yard I set my phone on the Noir filter. I was surprised when dramatic clouds appeared in the sky. To my eye the sky had a few pale whips not the dramatic swirls and puffs the camera picked up. Which photo is the most dramatic and satisfying?

Lens and Pen Black and White Challenge

Cloud tree is red so you can see how it translates into Black and white.

Cloud tree is red so you can see how it translates into Black and white.