A Once-A-Year Collection of Halloween Oddities

Day Of the Dead and Halloween Images

I offer for your viewing pleasure and  the Odd Ball Challenge.: A once a year collection of Interesting woman from Halloween night. I also must include our Jack-o-lantern pumpkin and squash creation. Jim figured out how to attach all the pieces.

Created with Pumpkin and Squash


PS That’s a Delicata squash that tastes really good roasted in EVOO, however we didn’t eat that one 😉




Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie Solar Eclipse and Dance Around with Day Of the Dead Music

This weekend is a time to celebrate Day of The Dead, but this year there is an eerie a Solar Eclipse Nov. 3 you can watch it live on Slooh. This is a Photo I took during 2012  years totals solar Eclipse.

Eerie Shadows from 2012 Solar Eclipse. Do you see a face?

Eerie Shadows from 2012 Solar Eclipse. Do you see a face?

The slits in Papel Picado, which are traditional for Day of The Dead, look to me, a a little like the solar eclipse shadows. For those that need your Dance around Friday put on your fluffy skirt to watch this Papel Picado video accompanied by peppy salsa music.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie