Berkeley Street Sign

In Berkeley we  ofter say take “Milky Way ” when we speak of the street named after Dr King.  It is good to be reminded to follow your dreams and the sky’s the limit on your way to the grocery store.

May His dream of the worth and dignity of all people continue to light our way down new and exciting roads.

3 thoughts

  1. Oh, I like “Milky Way” and I had never heard it used that way. One of the blogs I subscribe to was talking about how wrong it was to have ML King blowout sales, using him for commercial purposes. You know, I never even thought about it, because I have gotten so numbed by the constant shopping, shopping, shopping pressure of our society.


    1. I wanted to say something about how he worked so hard and then all we get is free parking and blowout sales too, but I chose to hope some folks will remember why we have today off. Thanks aging for your comment.


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